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Om je nieuwe VPS in gebruik te kunnen nemen moet je in eerste instantie via de console toegang tot je VPS hebben. Ook bij het rebooten van je VPS kan het nuttig zijn om een oogje in het zeil te houden via de console. Je bereikt de console van je VPS door met ssh in te loggen op de console server van Soleus:


Code Block
Xen-Shell v1.9 - Modified for Soleus
xen-shell> help
Xen-Shell v1.9 - Modified for Soleus
The following commands are available within this shell:

 bandwidth - Show your bandwidth usage.
      boot - Boot the Xen guest.
   console - Gain access to a Xen guest via the serial console.
      exit - Exit the shell.
      help - Show general, or command-specific, help information.
     pause - This will pause the Xen guest.
      quit - Exit this shell.
    reboot - Reboot the Xen guest.
    serial - Gain access to the Xen guest via the serial console.
  shutdown - Shutdown the Xen guest.
    status - Show the status of the Xen guest.
    sysreq - Send a 'sysreq' keystroke to the guest.
       top - Show system resource usage.
   unpause - This will unpause the Xen guest.
    uptime - Show the uptime information of your guest system and this host.
   version - Show the version of this shell, and of Xen.
    whoami - Show the user you're connected to the host system as.

For command-specific help run "help command".

xen-shell> console

Running console for bocanium - exit with Ctrl+]
(You might need to press return a couple of times to see activity.)

Debian GNU/Linux 9 hvc0

bocanium login:
xen-shell> exit

Image Modified

TER HERINNERING: stap uit de console omgeving door de volgende toetsencombinatie te typen: Ctrl ]

Meerdere VPS'en

Heb je meer dan 1 VPS, dan kun je met de volgende commando's schakelen:


Controlling: vps02

xen-shell[vps02]> console


In order to start using your new VPS you will first need access to the VPS via its console. Also when rebooting your VPS it can be handy to keep an eye on things via this console. You can reach the console of your VPS by logging in with ssh on the Soleus console server:


REMINDER: to leave the login promt type the following key combination: Ctrl ]

Multiple VPS's

If you have more than one VPS, you can switch using the following commands: