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Thinking of finally making the step towards hosting your own domain? How, where and why do this?

There are many reasons for having your own server. You may want to learn something new and hence need a playground, or you may want full control over your website, and also want it to be located in a particular country.

On the internet everything runs on machines, which are called servers. Common examples include website and mail servers. These machines have become increasingly powerfull but a lot of services are light and not very resource hungry. To cater to these needs "machine sharing" services were developed. One such technology is called virtualisation where physical hardware runs many virtual machines. An example of software that can run on desktop computers is VirtualBox. It can be installed on a number of operating systems, including Linux, macOS and Windows. In this way you have Windows running on MacOS or Ubuntu on Windows, etc.

The virtual private server aka VPS solution that we at Soleus use is oVirt, using the KVM hypervisor and QEMU for virtualization under the hood.

Hosting your own domain, some options

Each choice has financial and technical advantages.

Soleus Infrastructure

The Soleus hosting community exists since 2007. Our physical server is hosted at Netwerkvereniging ColoClue and located in Amsterdam. Our currently third incarnation of the server has the following hardware:

  • Dell PowerEdge R7425 server

  • AMD EPYC 7702P 2.00GHz, 64C/128T, 256M Cache (200W) DDR4-3200

  • 256GB RDIMM 3200MT/s
  • PERC H730P RAID Controller, 2GB NV Cache, Minicard
  • 2x 480GB SSD in RAID1 as system disk
  • 5x WD Ultrastar SN630 3.84TB NVMe SSDs in RAID1+0 with hotspare for VPS disks

  • Redundant Power Supply (1+1), 750W, Titanium, 200-240VAC
  • Intel Ethernet Converged Network Adapter X710-T4 (4x 10GBit)