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This page is obsolete and describes our Xen setup on the previous hypervisor.
First, be aware that your VPS disk space is provided as an LVM volume group.

Before the coreteam can reimage your VPS, a few thing have to be done first:

  • Please make backups. We will be gentle with your data, but backups are always a good idea. Make backups of /root, /etc, /home, /srv, /var and /usr/local. This list is not exhaustive, so please use common sense and backup any other stuff you might want to keep.
  • You can create a new Logical Volume on which you can backup your ROOT volume for simple recovery. You will need an amount of free space in your Volume Group equal to your ROOT Logical Volume size.
  • If not sure, ask someone from the coreteam or just ask in the #soleus IRC channel

Now, once you've done the backups (yes really, you need to make backups in some form), mail the coreteam with the request for a reimage of your VPS, providing the following data:

  • VPS name
  • New Distro
  • The fact that you have taken backups of your important data
  • Any and all special Logical Volumes you have created and you want to keep (including that backup LV)

    use the output of lvs or vgdisplay -v
  • Did we mention you really, really have to make backups?
  • Preferred moment of the reimage; please contact the coreteam on #soleus IRC channel or via to coordinate this.

Once your VPS has been reimaged, you'll get an email that it is done.
To start using your VPS, you'll have to login through the console by using your account to login to `` since root logins via SSH are disabled by default.
You can only access the console with the SSH public/private key pair you provided earlier.